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The Avengers investigate the Anastasia Nursing Academy, whose matron and her partner Glover are developing the ultimate in germ warfare - a virus which causes the victim to literally sneeze...

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The Avengers investigate the Anastasia Nursing Academy, whose matron and her partner Glover are developing the ultimate in germ warfare - a virus which causes the victim to literally sneeze themself to death. Their aim is to sell it to the highest bidder and it is the task of Steed and Miss King to protect the doctors who can provide the antidote. This episode opens with a classic 'Avengers' teaser - Harley Street doctor Camrose ( Hamilton Dyce ) opens his mail, and is perplexed to find an empty envelope addressed to him. Only it is not as empty as it seems - inside is a microscopic germ, a distillation of the common cold. In mere seconds, Camrose has literally sneezed himself to death.

He is the latest in a line of doctors to die the same way. Fearing a major flu epidemic could be about to engulf the country, Mother dispatches Steed and Tara to investigate. The trail leads first to the Anastasia Nursing Academy, and then to the home of Colonel Timothy ( Retired ), played by Roland Culver, who runs an anti-allergy clinic.

Glover ( Fulton Mackay ) is in league with the A.N.A.'s Matron ( Sylvia Kay ) to develop the ultimate weapon - a bug that kills in seconds by inducing so much sneezing in the victim that all air to the lungs is cut off. They will sell it to the highest bidder once it is perfected. First, they must kill the only doctors who might have found an antidote...

Jeremy Burnham wrote this originally for the Emma Peel series, under the title 'Atishoo! Atishoo! We All Fall Down!'. It is based on a suitably outrageous premise, peopled by fine actors of the calibre of Valentine Dyall, Henry McGee, Dudley Sutton, Charles Lloyd Pack ( father of Roger ), and has some good moments, but strangely never becomes the classic it promises to be. I think Paul Dickson, the director, took it much too seriously. He also worked on 'The Champions' and 'Department S' - with far greater success.

This was Fulton Mackay's second appearance in 'The Avengers' - he was in 'Return Of The Cybernauts' and reappeared later in the Thorson series in the final episode 'Bizarre'. Sylvia Kay, who plays 'Matron, was 'Mrs.Warrender' in John Sullivan's 'Just Good Friends'.

Mother's office is strange even by his standards - it looks like an unfinished film set, with a pool and stepladders galore. During the briefing, Rhonda gives both Steed and Mother ice cream cornets! Colonel Timothy's clinic is a wonderful piece of design - so that we never forget its main purpose, the main corridor wall has a gigantic nose carved from stone! A different director, such as Robert Fuest or Charles Crichton, would I think have made a better episode. At least it got Burnham's stint as 'Avengers' writer off to an above average start. Somebody is targeting the world's ear, nose and throat specialists… in the opening scene we see one of them opening and envelope; it is apparently empty by he soon starts violently sneezing then dies. Mother puts Steed and Tara on the case. Tara goes to warn other ENT specialists but the first she goes to see receives a similar envelope and dies before she can see him. The only real clues are the envelopes the dead men had in his hand; Steed sets about investigating who purchased a batch recently while Tara goes to see another expert. He too dies but this time Tara sees the killers leaving and gives chase; unfortunately for her they turn the tables on her and capture her! Steed meanwhile traces the envelopes to Anastasia Nursing Academy. Suspicion falls on Colonel Maurice Timothy, recently returned from Malaya, who runs a drug research clinic. Steed pays the place a visit and soon receives an envelope from them; of course he survives their plot and returns to save Tara.

This story is classic 'Avengers' with villains creating a deadly virus, which they intend to sell to the highest bidder, setting out to eliminate those who may have been able to develop a cure. The way they deliver their deadly post; turning up is a Rolls Royce, is amusingly quirky. The case is interesting and the people behind it aren't too obvious. There is plenty of action; while I still think Mrs Peel was a better character than Tara I do believe Linda Thorson was more believable than Diana Rigg in the fighting scenes and those in this episode were a good example of this. The guest cast, including Fulton Mackay, do a solid job. Overall a pretty good episode.


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18 years ago, the Darr family, consisting of Pushkaran and his son, Kunal, were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorists, who had forced thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits to be mere refugees...

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The film deals with a newly married couple caught on camera at a hotel during their honeymoon. The video is released on the Internet and the bride ultimately commits suicide. The husband, in pursuit of revenge, delves into the world of underground pornography, eventually traveling to Amsterdam and Switzerland to seek out the criminals of the underground pornography industry that profited from the film. 18 years ago, the Darr family, consisting of Pushkaran and his son, Kunal, were forced to leave Kashmir by terrorists, who had forced thousands of other Kashmiri Pandits to be mere refugees in their very own country. Pushkaran and Kunal re-locate to Bombay, where they live in a small room. This is where Kunal grows up, & gets a job at a gym. Then one day, the police knock on his door, informing him that his father had lost his hold from a crowded local train, fallen, and instantly killed. A devastated Kunal arranges his father's funeral, and before he could reconcile to living alone, his relatives contact him from Jammu, informing him that his father had promised to look after a young woman named Renuka. Kunal agrees to fulfill his father's promise. When Renuka arrives, she finds out about the untimely death, and wants to return back, but ticket reservation force her to stay with Kunal for a week. It is this week that changes their lives, for they fall in love and get married. A friend gives them a free hotel room for their honey-moon, and they spend the night getting intimate. They return home thereafter, and it is then that the police arrest them on charges of Pornography, Renuka is coerced into signing a statement implicating Kunal, and when she finds out what she has been done, she kills herself. Alone, devastated, and confused Kunal must now find a way to free himself from the clutches of the police, mourn the passing of his father and new wife, as well as find out who are the person(s) behind his loss and humiliation. The question is will he succeed, or just be another victim? With the theme centering on the porn industry and probably inspired by real-life events in New Delhi where short sexual clips (of unsuspecting couples) were circulated via MMS, the movie starts off with a lot of promise.

The Bhatt camp has often taken upon itself to make movies with bold and daring themes and this is certainly one of them. However, there are more holes in the script, plot and narration than a wedge of Emmenaler cheese. Logic takes a back seat while the story moves towards the end via any road that the director seemed to find convenient as he was shooting it.

With far too many of these to recount, the only thing one is grateful about is that its a short movie.

The saving grace is the acting of Amrita Singh (a brilliant comeback), Emran Hashmi & Kamal Khemu in patches. Deepal Shaw manages to keep the same expression on her face whenever she appears on screen. The song "Jhalak Dikhla Ja" is absolutely brilliant and worth listening to over and over again. Well this is 1 hell of a ride. Love the dark cinematography, Gothic setting n style of sin city...Amazing backdrop of Switzerland, could have added more scenes there though, since the film was so short, barely 2 hrs.

Minuses include the money logic of how Kunal landed with that much money to do all he did. And of course, this film follows the commercial bollywood route of a masala potbolier with few distinct villains to fight when pornography as a whole has many many operatives.

So its basically a fictional account of a site called and its widespread.

Good entertainment, thought-provoking and more films like this should be made to create awareness and reach out to the public via its commercial elements. The kissing scenes of the first night scene could have been avoided though.


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Three low-life criminals attempt to rob an elderly dying woman's home, but her live-in nurse turns out to be much more trouble than they bargained for.

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Three low-life criminals attempt to rob an elderly dying woman's home, but her live-in nurse turns out to be much more trouble than they bargained for. Very bad script acting was terrible on all levels. Action scenes were B movie . This movie had an interesting plot. Break-in on an elderly woman, only to find the caregiver is a badass.

The movie failed for more reasons than I can count. Poor acting, horrible directing, confusing plot twists, budget action sequences.

Main actress was cute though, so that's where my 1 star comes from.


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A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.

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original title: Resident Evil

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A virus has escaped in a secret facility called "The Hive," turning the staff into hungry zombies and releasing the mutated Lab "Animals" that they were studying. The complex computer shuts down the base to prevent infection. The parent corporation sends in an elite military unit, where they meet Alice, who is suffering from amnesia due to exposure to nerve gas. The military team must shut down the computer and get out, fighting their way past zombies, mutants, and the computer itself, before the virus escapes and infects the rest of the world. Alice must also come to terms with her slowly-returning memories. A crack team is sent to the 'Hive', the mighty Umbrella Corporation's secret underground lab complex, which was locked-down by it central computer 'Red Queen', after its staff of 5000 fell victim to nerve gas. They pick up the secret entrance-resident underground security couple, both suffering from amnesia because of the gas. The computer's crafty defense soon kills half of the team before whiz kid Chad Kaplan outsmarts it. Then they find the staff has been turned into cannibalistic zombies, while experimentally miss-bred hell-hounds complete the bloody inferno. The auto-destruct is programmed in two hours, to prevent out-world infection. And at least one member has a criminal secret. The first thing I'd like to say is I've never played the video game so I can't judge how good or how bad it is compared with that. As film adaptations of vid games go it is one of the better ones I've seen, but it has so many bits of other things in it. You have echoes of The Cube, the Matrix, Ghosts from Mars, The Relic, and obviously any of the Romero Zombie films. Nonetheless it still has it's good bits. The score is excellent, there are bits in it that you know what is coming up and you're prepared for it and you still jump when it happens. The action is pretty non stop and the performances of the characters is good. If you liked any of the films mentioned above, then you'll probably like this one to, a hell of a lot better than things like Mortal Kombat and Wing Commander. The only thing I wonder is what it would have been like if Romero had stayed involved. A bit of a six pack and curry flick, but still a good curry nonetheless. Much better than anticipated. Probably the best videogame translation till now. Milla Jovovich is perfectly cast as the glacial heroin of this movie, a great actioneer, with several strong scenes. It is more Half Life than Resident Evil in my opinion, but who cares. The final scene is a great one, a perfect cliffhanger for a possible sequel. In the end, it all looks and plays like a $40 million version of a game you're more likely to enjoy on a computer. Following the accidental escape of the T-virus in the Hive, Umbrella Corporation's secret viral weapons laboratory hidden under Raccoon City; an elite commando unit is dispatched to shut down the Red Queen, the supercomputer that controls the lab and has locked down all the scientists who live and work there. When the head of the commando team is killed by Red Queen, it becomes the mission of Alice (Milla Jovovich), who is suffering from amnesia due to exposure to nerve gas and doesn't know what she's doing there, policeman Matt Addison (Eric Mabius), and a few surviving commandos to finish the objective. Unfortunately, the virus has turned all the Umbrella scientists and employees into flesh-eating zombies. Alice and her team must make their way past zombies, mutated dogs, the Licker, and the Red Queen before the T-virus escapes and infects the rest of the world, and they must do this within one hour or be locked forever in the Hive. Resident Evil is based on a screenplay by English film director, Paul W.S. Anderson, who based his story on a survival horror video game series, created by Japanese video game designer Shinji Mikami and released in 1996 as Biohazard in Japan and Resident Evil in English-speaking countries. Resident Evil is the first in a series of six movies, the other five being Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) (2004), Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) (2007) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) (2010), and Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) (2012). Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) is due for release in 2016. You find out in the next movie (Apocalypse) that Dr. Ashford created this virus to help his "sick" daughter walk again. In the original game, it was created as a bio-organic weapon. The zombies were an unfortunate side effect. You can only turn into a zombie after you die. Red Queen killed everyone but, as they were already infected, they turned into zombies. You can also see this with Rain (Michelle Rodriguez). She turns into a zombie the moment she dies, although she had been infected way before that. Red Queen kills everyone by releasing the facility's fire prevention system, which contains halon gas. It can put out fires in the offices without ruining any computers, like water sprinklers would. However, if a person is exposed to a great deal of the gas, there is also a risk of toxic and irritant pyrolysis products, hydrogen bromide, and hydrogen fluoride. Basically, Red Queen poisoned the personnel. Since they were already infected by the virus, they came back as zombies. Most likely she killed them in the hopes that the virus had not yet infected all of them. Thus, to kill them before they inhaled the airborne virus was the safest move. Another possibility is that, being as how they were already infected, to leave them alive would cause the people to look for a way out of the hive and risk them escaping without knowing they're infected. Zombies, however, are relatively mindless and would not try to escape. Not to mention, some people would re-animate before others and to have them all trapped in a space together would just get them eaten alive. So to kill them all before they turned was a small mercy. The zombies never entered that room, so it's assumed that Red Queen had some sort of "self-cleaning" feature for the hallway. It's a reference to the games where bodies will disappear if you leave a room and then come back to it. Matt and his sister Lisa (Heike Makatsch) are environmental activists, planning to expose the illegal viral and genetic experimentation being secretly carried out by the Umbrella Corporation. With the help of a contact in the Hive, Lisa infiltrated Umbrella to smuggle out evidence. Alice was that contact. Alice and Spence Parks (James Purefoy) are security operatives for Umbrella. Their job is to protect the mansion, which covers the access into the Hive. As part of the cover, they are posing as husband and wife. The antivirus works because it cures. It didn't work on Rain because Red Queen herself said, "This long after infection, there's no guarantee it would work." Also, she was bitten numerous times in vital areas, causing the infection to spread faster. Alice and Matt carry the case with the T-virus and antivirus out of the Hive and into the mansion just as the doors go into lockdown. As they're sitting on the floor catching their breath, the wounds (caused by the Licker) on Matt's arm begin mutating. Suddenly, a group of Umbrella scientists in protective clothing burst into the mansion. Several of them tie Matt to a gurney and take him away, ordering him to be placed in the Nemesis program. Others subdue Alice and take her to Raccoon City Hospital to be placed in quarantine, while discussing how they're going to re-open the Hive to see what went on down there. Days (perhaps weeks) pass. Alice awakens in a locked room at the hospital, attached to numerous IV lines. She rips them all out and pounds on the window, but no one responds. She picks open the lock with an IV needle and makes her way outside to find the street littered with paper, dead cars, and small fires but no people or bodies. A newspaper headline reads "The Dead Walk", reporting that the T-virus has escaped from the Hive and spread to the city surface. In the final scene, Alice arms herself with a pump action shotgun retrieved from an abandoned police car and stands in the middle of the street, ready for action. One theory is that CAPCOM (the game creators) were afraid that people wouldn't buy the games when they could just watch the movies, so they fired director George A. Romero because his script was too similar to the games, and they hired Paul W.S. Anderson to keep the atmosphere of the games but come up with a different story. However, CAPCOM Public Relations Personnel deny that Romero was ever attached to the project and that CAPCOM had no direct influence over the movie. CAPCOM claims that it was Anderson who did not want the movie to match the game because he feared that, if viewers played the game, they would not be scared watching the movie, since they would know what is going to happen. Yes. Resident Evil: Genesis (2004) by Keith R.A. DeCandido is a novelization of Resident Evil (the first movie). DeCandido has also written novelizations of the other two movies: Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007). There is also a Japanese novelization of the first Resident Evil film by Japanese writer Osamu Makino titled Biohazard (2002). Makino's novel is unrelated to DeCandido's version. There are also a number of novelizations of the videogame series, writen by S.D. Perry, but these are unrelated to the movies. Yes. Toward the end of the movie, it's revealed that Spence overheard Alice talking with Lisa about accessing the Hive in order to get enough proof to expose Umbrella and shut them down, so he decided to steal both the T-virus and the antivirus himself. To insure that he would be the only one in possession of the virus & the antivirus, he released one container of virus inside the Hive, intending that it be shut down, making his virus & antivirus extremely valuable.


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A Black hit man poses as a Baptist preacher in a ghetto church. He decides to take over the local rackets.

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Un sicario nero posa come un predicatore battista in una chiesa del ghetto. Decide di prendere in consegna le racchette locali. Dopo un funerale per quella che sembra essere una persona molto ricca, il sicario Roger E. Mosley (nel ruolo di Holmes) uccide tre uomini. Gli omicidi sono sempre più dolorosi, con il terzo uomo che incontra una fine particolarmente raccapricciante. Dopo questo, Mr. Mosley incontra il suo datore di lavoro, il signore del crimine William Smith (come Martelli). Insoddisfatto del camion che uccide il signor Smith vuole che Mosely diventi un profugo come predicatore e interrompe ciò che ha interferito con l'operazione del signor Smith. Mosley si pone come "Jason Lee", un ministro atteso dalla comunità che apparentemente incontra il suo creatore per gentile concessione degli scagnozzi di Smith. Mosley predica e pavoneggia. Nel ruolo di un politico antipatico, Michael Pataki (nel ruolo di Sam Sills) minaccia di rubare lo spettacolo - il problema è che non c'è nessuno spettacolo da rubare. Le persone si pavoneggiano a lungo e non siamo mai veramente sicuri di come si collegano gli eventi. È bello vedere le location di Los Angeles e la prima apparizione di & quot; The Jeffersons & quot; la cameriera Marla Gibbs, che è diventata una grande favorita della TV.

*** Sweet Jesus, Preacherman (25/5/73) Henning Schellerup ~ Roger E. Mosley, William Smith, Michael Pataki, Marla Gibbs Questo film blacksloitation è interpretato da Roger Mosley, il personaggio che la maggior parte della gente avrebbe riconosciuto da "Magnum PI", poiché era un personaggio di lunga data di supporto in questa serie TV. Qui, tuttavia, gioca un vero coglione - un sicario che lavora per la folla che finge di essere un predicatore per fare il male e combattere una forza di guardia conosciuta come "Unity Force". È il suo capo, Frank (William Smith), che lo convince a farlo ... con vaghe promesse di "un pezzo dell'azione".

Nel suo lavoro di predicatore, a Lee / Holmes viene detto di fare un sacco di cose che faranno del male alla comunità nera - come ad esempio il fatto di gettare il suo sostegno a un politico bianco che non si preoccupa di nulla per i suoi costituenti neri. Continuerà a fare le offerte per i suoi maestri bianchi o sarà in piedi da solo e prenderà il controllo delle racchette o farà effettivamente qualcosa per aiutare la sua gente? Guarda il film e scoprilo da solo.

Questo non è uno dei film più eleganti e di grande budget del genere. Occasionalmente alcune recite sono piuttosto scadenti e la musica è sempre presente ma non particolarmente buona. Ma altrimenti è quello che normalmente ti aspetteresti: violenza, tette, gente bianca malvagia e un ragazzo tosto che riesce a sfidare praticamente tutti a consegnare il proprio marchio di giustizia. Vale la pena vedere, ma non un film assolutamente da vedere.

A proposito, se guardi, presti attenzione anche a Beverly. Questa è Marla Gibbs di & quot; The Jeffersons & quot; interpretare la signora amica del predicatore.


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